Manual Firmware Update

Due to an unexpected change in the chain of authority from our TLS certificate issuer, starting from January 2021, the firmware v0.x series can no longer receive the on-the-air updates. The following guide can be used to perform the emergency firmware recovery and upgrade to v1.0 that re-enables the on-the-air updates.


  • USB-to-Serial adapter. To manually upgrade the application v0.x series, you need to access the Debug port through a generic USB-to-Serial adapter. Both 3.3V or 5V models are fine;
  • The latest Discoverer app with our new firmware. You can download a complete archive from this link.

Recovery Firmware Upgrade

To manually flash the new firmware make sure to follow these steps in proper order.

  • Extract the content of the archive firmware-manual-update.tar.gz;
  • Remove the power supply from the Broadcaster;
  • Connect the USB-to-Serial adaptor to the Debug port. Connect only GND, TX, and RX signals. The 3.3V must be left unconnected to prevent damages;
  • Open Discoverer and select the Flash tab;
  • Select the .app file present in the archive with the model name of your Broadcaster, for example, for Nano Broadcaster;
  • Chose the USB-to-Serial adapter from the list reported in the combox;
  • Click on the Flash Now button in the Discoverer application:
  • Attach the power to the Broadcaster or perform a hard reset;
  • The bootloader will be activated, the green LED indicates its state;
  • Wait for a few second for the firmware upgrade;
  • When it finishes, go on the Device tab and double-click on the IP address of your device;
  • Add /mpfsupload to the URL address in your browser. For example HTTP://;
  • Choose the .web file, for example, nano-eth-v1.0.web and click on Upload.
  • Reload the web page, now you have the new version 1.x series

For troubles contact us here.