You have landed on the LPSystems B.V. page, a collection of moments that represent our journey towards achieving our mission. Explore our story through groundbreaking research papers and endless tries. Join our journey by sharing these stories with your colleagues. We’re stronger together!

Two People One Goal

The LPSystems B.V. is not only a company focused on audio devices; it is a playground to transform dreams in reality. It represents the perfect mix between research and production to embrace ideas and experiment novelty.

Luca Pascarella is the co-founder and the CEO of the LPSystems B.V. He is an Italian software engineer with more than 15 years of expertise in hardware design and software development. Luca actively leads research in software engineering by bringing scientific contributions to international conferences and journals. He also likes to write for magazines and collaborate with foreign companies to gain knowledge and share experiences.

Mariaclaudia Nicolai is a Pharmacist, the co-founder, and the promotor of the LPSystems B.V. With her different background, she brings novelty and inspires the company with sparkly ideas. While she takes care of LPSystems’ products, she works with machine learning algorithms for identifying antimicrobial peptides. Mariaclaudia loves to stay in touch with the scientific community and actively contributes to research.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make audio equipment that’s a joy to use pushing the entire industry in that direction. We believe in innovation and trust our customers.

Trust first

Firmware up to date

Essential but elegant

Customizable support

Our Story

LPSystems first logo.

The LPSystems owns a long story. It was 2011 when Luca Pascarella founded a spinoff of the ACME Systems S.R.L. in Rome. By relying on Luca’s background, the former LPSystems was more focused on third-part design and manufacturing rather than commercialize its own products.

During this time, Luca used the above collaboration to manifest his interest in research transforming a Bachelor thesis in an actual product. At that time, the goal was to allow professional and reliable measurements through the use of low-cost ADC chips; besides to make this product available as an add-on for the FOXG20, a leading product of the ACME Systems.
Luca developed a C++ Unix module to implement a post-measurement correction algorithm based on a Bayesian approach beyond the design of the electronic circuit. The result was a light kernel module that dynamically improves at run time the performance of the chosen ADC up to 20 dB the SNR factor [1].

However, that is only a part of the story. Luca enjoyed the collaboration of several national companies such as Elsag Datamat S.p.A. (a Finmeccanica owned Company) to design and customize SMS based systems that are used to track the path of steel rolls in the Genoa port. He also shared his knowledge by writing up to 21 articles [2] for prestigious Italian magazines such as IoProgrammo and Elettronica IN while he taught computer basics, assembly, C, and C++ programming languages in both certified private companies and high schools.

The sparkling LPSystems overgrew collaborating in several projects for companies located within Europe, such as Germany, France, and Switzerland, but also overseas in Georgia (USA). However, after a successful period, the founder decided to have a break dedicating himself to a Master’s course in Software Engineering. He graduated cum laude in 2015. In 2016, after participating in a research project, he moved to The Netherlands for pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), where he started to collaborate with many researchers all over the world by publishing his works in scientific journals [3].

LPSystems B.V. headquarter located in Amsterdam.

By taking advantage of this new international environment, Luca co-founded the LPSystems B.V. The new company focuses its expertise in developing embedded firmware for Microchip Technology Inc. microcontrollers and VLSI Solution audio chips. LPSystems B.V. collaborates with the Futura Group S.R.L. for expanding the network of own playback systems.

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